One of the biggest things Angry Dave's is known for is building wheels. Nothing else makes as noticeable of a difference in how your bike rides like a set of custom built, handmade wheels. All of our custom wheels are configured for each rider's weight, riding style, and color preferences. Yes, looks are important too, and that doesn't go unnoticed here. Dave has been building wheels for over two decades and most, if not all, of those sets are still around and in use.

 A great set of wheels starts with proper selection of spoke count, length, and gauge. Lacing options are endless as well, as is rim selection. Wide, narrow, Aero, or bulletproof are just a few options. Regardless of how and where you intend to ride, all of our wheels are hand laced, trued, tensioned, and stress relieved by Dave to insure years of faithful and trouble free service.

Custom BUILT Bikes 

Angry Dave loves to build bikes. He loves to build full custom bikes exactly how the customers want them from the frame up! We even stock a few really nice frames and have been known to have most of the newest parts to build with. Stock bikes are fine, and even great for most riders, but nothing compares to being able to hand pick each and every detail of your new bike. Top tube length, stem length, crank length, what gearing you want to use, how wide and tall of a handlebar... All these things matter and make a huge difference in how the bike fits and rides. The added bonus is knowing that each and every part was put on by hand, properly torqued and assembled, and then tuned to perfection. With over 25 years of experience, Dave can help guide you with picking out exactly what will work best for you and your riding style and pays attention to the smallest details... See more on Custom Builds...

Build your


Here are a few of the custom wheels we've built at Angry Dave's....

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