Pegoretti Duende
  • The Duende is a rarely explained concept in Spanish art, particularly flamenco, having to do with emotion, expression and authenticity

  • Built with Columbus Spirit tubes

  • TIG Welded construction with investment cast lost wax micro-fusion dropouts

  • Unique Pegoretti double ellipse tapered chainstay design

  • The Duende is a comfortable frame that unites the classic design of round tubes with modern techniques

  • The front triangle is constructed of oversized tubing for the enthusiast who loves a mix of tradition and high performance

  • The Duende is great for long rides without sacrificing responsiveness or comfort

MSRP is $3,350

In the past two years, DOGMA 65.1 has been the most titled bike on the planet, winning the Tour de France twice, the World Championship and more than 100 Pro Tour races. The Dogma 65.1 has been a best seller without precedent for Pinarello and is universally recognized as a benchmark in the world of high end Road Bikes. Starting from these premises, you can imagine how difficult it was to improve this cult bike. Pinarello LAB, TEAM SKY and JAGUAR created a working group where everyone brought his decisive contribution. Team SKY with feedback from its athletes, Jaguar the Aerodynamics concerns CFD and Wind Tunnel testing, Pinarello LAB for cycling part, structural study and design. This synergy brought to light the Dogma F8. “DOGMA F8 achieves new significant numerical data, but more importantly, maintains the unique driving feeling, which made previous Pinarello Dogma bikes unbeatable. Whoever rides the new F8 DOGMA, will immediately perceive the extraordinary work done by our team, in creating a streamlined and aerodynamic bike without losing the typical characteristics of DOGMA: a powerful and responsive bike for every track. “ Fausto Pinarello

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 A few of the Custom Frames we offer....

custom bikes

If you can dream it, We can build it...

There is nothing Angry Dave loves more than building a custom bike from the frame up. Knowing that every part was picked specifically for how and where you ride makes all the difference in how the bike rides and performs. Below are a few of the custom bikes Dave has built. Below that are just a few of the frames we can start with to build YOUR ultimate dream bike.

Pegoretti Marcelo

The Marcelo represents the best compromise between performance and comfort

  • The constant diameter chain and seat stays elevate the transfer of energy from the pedals to the wheel

  • Heat treated Columbus Spirit

  • TIG Welded construction with constant diameter chain and seat stays

  • Pegoretti stainless steel two-piece dropout

  • Made for the rider looking for maximum performance and ability to absorb road shock as only a steel frame can.

MSRP $3,950

Pegoretti Responsorium
  • Designed by Dario to be a little more comfortable on longer rides than the Marcelo

  • Columbus XCR Stainless Steel

  • TIG welded

  • Longer lifetime due to rust proof material

  • Same tubing diameters as Marcelo except the chainstays are 16 mm instead of 18 mm, making it more compliant on the vertical plane

  • 1' 1/8 Carbon FALZ fork

  • Butted sections are longer and tubing walls are thinner than the Marcelo