Those who've met me always ask... " Why so angry?"

 I get angry when I hear stories of customers not getting waited on, or taken seriously because of their sex, age, weight, price range.....whatever the reason. We all started in the same spot. Brand new, big eyed, excited riders looking for a new bike. I expect new riders to have lots of questions, and am always ready to help answer them for you. Starting this sport is already intimidating enough.... buying the bike and things you need to participate shouldn't be!

 But the BIGGEST reason I get Angry is watching people riding poorly built or ill-fitting bicycles because the shop they purchased from didn't take time or have the knowledge to do it correctly. I've worked in this business since the early 90's and have seen it too many times. It's the attention to detail and caring about what you do that makes the difference. I feel a person buying a $400 bicycle should get the same level of detail in the assembly of their bike as someone spending $4000 (or more... yes, they CAN get much more expensive than that!) on their bike. The wheels should be round and true, all the bearings should be greased and adjusted properly, the brakes should be firm and responsive, all the cables should be the correct length. These are just the basic necessities that ensure a properly functioning bicycle and the most important aspect of assuring that you, the customer get every bit of performance you're paying for. I strive to accomplish that in every bike that leaves my stand. And that's what sets me apart from the rest.

 "Where'd the name come from?"

Well, the truth is, I'm usually not angry. I'm actually pretty happy and easy going. There are a few stories as to how the name stuck, but they were all caused by outside influences. The first references to it came from my musical taste of "angry music", but after two intoxicated "gentlemen" tried to run their truck into my home, as I was extracting them from their vehicle by the throat, the last words spoken to the 911 dispatcher were " Oh my God... He's gonna kill them!" *click* So within minutes, NLR Police were there in force, and when asked what was going on, I was gladly telling them about the events. In a not so calm voice. After explaining I was the home owner, the officer let me up from the hood of his patrol car and attended to my visitors. The driver blew .17 and went with the nice officers in handcuffs. The next morning at work after retelling the events of the previous night, one of my co-workers said, " Wait... so two drunk guys tried to crash through your house and YOU got put on the car?"..... the name "Angry Dave" stuck. And it's definitely a catchy name!

I was the Track Operator for Bonzai BMX for over 10 years and have seen just about every possible way to destroy a bike part!! I am certified by Shimano on the Di2 electronic system and speak it fluently as well as being SRAM certified. I consider myself to be one of the better wheel builders around and take a lot of pride and care in everything I do. I have learned the right way by making mistakes and figuring out better ways. I still look for better ways and always will.  I am excited to finally be able to open my own shop and not have to make any sacrifices or cut any corners and build each bike to my standards. I hope to have a lot of fun reconnecting with all my old customers and friends and am looking forward to meeting new ones. 

Why is Dave Angry? 

About ANGRY Dave

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