R-SERIES Those who live on a strict diet of road, be it cobbles or concrete, coasts or climbs, require a bike that can deliver the ultimate all-round ride. That’s why the R-Series was engineered to provide maximum performance and rideability to help you achieve your glory - whatever that is for you. R5 available in Disc and Rim The R5 will fuel your passion, whether you find glory in winning races or beating your friends to the top of the hill. The R5 makes no compromises as a race machine first and foremost. The frame sets new benchmarks for stiffness and weight but is compliant where you need it for long days in the saddle. The Cervélo pro fit offers an aerodynamic position and the fine-tuned geometry prioritizes stability and handling. This bike is built to go fast. R3 available in Disc and Rim The R3 is a high performance allrounder, ready for everything from the Tuesday night world champs to an epic weekend ride. It is light and stiff, and offers compliance where you need it for long days in the saddle. The frame geometry is designed for responsive and stable handling, so you can trust the bike as you attack downhill corners or jump out of the saddle. R2 available in Rim Challenge and glory come in many forms: conquering a hard climb, flying down a switchbacking descent, simply pedaling in the fresh air. Whatever form it takes for you, the R2 will be a willing companion, offering high performance and excellent value. Sharing much of the R3’s cutting-edge technology and engineering, the R2 is light, stiff, aerodynamic, and ready for long days in the saddle.

THE CERVÉLO DIFFERENCE For more than two decades Cervélo has passionately pursued its goal: Make every rider faster. From the very beginning we have stayed true to our unique, engineering-driven approach: Define and measure, test and refine, and then build the very best. This uncompromising process raises the bar with every new model, yielding lighter, stiffer and more aerodynamic bikes that help riders go faster and further with less effort. No wonder all five of Cervélo’s platforms — R Series (classic road), S Series (aero road), P Series (triathlon/time trial), C Series (endurance road) and T Series (track) — consistently dominate comparison tests and win awards from the most respected industry publications. It’s also why dozens of professional triathletes, as well as the Dimension Data and Cervelo-Bigla pro teams, join legions of dedicated riders around the world in choosing Cervélo. 

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