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                               NOAH FAST

When it comes to reducing wind-related drag, the Noah Fast makes no compromises. A complete suite of F-technology reduces real-world drag – not just the unidirectional flow that other bike companies use as part of wind-tunnel testing. Ridley’s F-brake design, in combination with low frame weights and unparalleled power transfer, can save riders up to 2.8 kph in sprints – the kind of advantage that lets our Lotto Soudal riders edge out their competitors in the World Tour races.

Throughout years of in-depth wind tunnel testing, they discovered 3 major issues that cause drag and restrain the speed a bike can obtain. They found a solution for each one of them. The result: the FASTconcept. A tripod concept containing 3 groundbreaking technologies.

F-Brake™: the first real integrated brake! The first brake that makes you faster.

The Ridley Noah is also Angry Dave's choice for an aero road bike!


                                  NOAH SL

The super–svelte Noah SL weighs a scant 950g, yet boasts all of Ridley’s wind-cheating F-technology without sacrificing ride comfort. It’s the weapon of choice for our Lotto Soudal riders, boasting new resin technologies and innovative layups that create explosive power transfer at minimal weight. The Noah SL also relies upon F-surface technology that’s molded into the tubeset for permanent, uncompromising performance. In the hands of a powerful sprinter like Greipel, the Noah SL has become a new pro-Tour standard in the peloton and a regular visitor of the podium.

F-Surface™: a textured surface applied to strategic locations on the frame, letting air travel smoothly around the frame instead of detaching and creating drag.

                             FENIX/FENIX SL

Ridley Fenix is our premier ‘all around’ bike. It offers a perfect balance between true race performance, proven strength and durability and all day ride comfort. Make no mistake. This is not a lounge chair. Just ask Lotto Soudal who actively campaigned the frame in the WorldTour spring classics in 2015. André Greipel, sprinting ace, was surprised by the combination of stiffness that transferred his power into forward motion, and shock absorption, which helped him stay seated on the roughest cobbled road sections.

The Fenix SL is a thoroughbred racer in an endurance disguise. We took all the best of our Fenix, Helium SL and Noah SL, and put it into the Fenix SL. The stiff and aerodynamic headtube, combined with the strong bottom bracket and the light and narrow seatstays do not only make it look sexy, they make it fast as well. We could only just get some of the Lotto Soudal riders to give their bikes back after they were done testing the Fenix SL.

From the beginning, Ridley has been at the forefront of bicycle aerodynamics. Before it was a fad, we developed and patented a series of FAST technologies setting the benchmark for what an ‘aero road bike’ should be.
‘Aero’ is more than just tear dropped tubes. Every Noah FAST is an integration of components and other technologies that minimize the rider’s effort of cutting through the wind (no matter where it is coming from) and the drag associated with parts interacting with the frame. Not just theoretical wind tunnel numbers but actual real world results.

                                   HELIUM SL

Lighter is better right? Yes and no. Yes, it is better if it can transfer your power efficiently to the road. No, if all that effort you take trying to move the bike forward simply goes up in flexing the frame back and forth.  At fewer than 750 grams (in size M), the Helium SL is still stiff enough to take all the stomping our sprinting ace, André Greipel, has to offer, yet light enough to float over the highest mountain passes with ease.

 The bike possesses tremendous power transfer, important for sprint points and powerful climbing characteristics, and it boasts the lightweight technologies that form Ridley’s design DNA, including the precise-steering tapered headtube, Pressfit 30, and internal cable routing. Refined tube shapes, from the sharp edge downtube to ovalized seatstays, create pedaling efficiency and dampen high-frequency road vibrations, respectively.


We’ve put all the successful ingredients of the Noah SL into the ‘ordinary’ Noah, making it a top class, yet affordable bike. The rigid 24-ton carbon transfers every pedal stroke right onto the asphalt. If you need a companion to set foot on racing grounds, then take the Noah with you.

F-Splitfork™: jet foils which draw air away from the spokes, and counteract on turbulence generated by the wheels. Result: speed!